Christine Jenkins, Head of Respiratory Trials, The George Institute for Global Health; Senior Staff Specialist in Thoracic Medicine, Concord Hospital, Sydney; Clinical Professor and Head of Respiratory Discipline, University of Sydney, Australia

Christine Jenkins

Christine Jenkins is a clinical professor at the University of Sydney in the separtment of thoracic medicine, Concord Hospital, and is Head of the Respiratory Group at The George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia. Professor Jenkins has been principal investigator and has led many investigator-initiated and competitively funded clinical trials in airways disease. She has played major parts in advocacy and leadership for lung health in Australia. Professor Jenkins heads the respiratory discipline in the faculty of medicine at the University of Sydney. Her area of research interest is the clinical management of airways disease and patient-reported outcomes in response to therapeutic interventions. She is Chair of the Board of the Lung Foundation Australia, which develops resources and provides support for patients and physicians, raises awareness of lung disease, and provides funding for respiratory research. She received an Order of Australia award in recognition of service to respiratory medicine as a physician, administrator, and educator, especially in the field of asthma education.

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