Annemie Schols, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Maastricht University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Annemie Schols

Maastricht University Medical Centre, NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Annemie Schols is a professor of nutrition and metabolism in chronic diseases at Maastricht  University Medical Centre. Research within Maastricht University is organised in multidisciplinary thematic schools; since 2006, professor Schols has been Head of NUTRIM School for Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism (www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/nutrim). In 2011, NUTRIM was awarded the status of Centre of Excellence  on “metabolism and chronic disease” by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Annemie Schols has published more than 300 international scientific publications and over 50 book contributions. Her Hirsch citation index is 68. Her research team conducts translational research on metabolic derangement in COPD and lung cancer with a specific focus on skeletal muscle, to unravel generic and disease specific denominators and mechanisms. Furthermore she develops and clinically evaluates novel nutritional and metabolic interventions to enhance daily functioning and modulate cardio metabolic risk in COPD. Professor Schols is a board member of the Netherlands Health Council. She is Editor of the ‘Nutrition and physiological function’ section of Current Opinion of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care and an associate editor of the Journal of Applied Physiology, the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle and the Journal of COPD. She is a member of several scientific boards in respiratory medicine and in nutrition, and since 2016 she has been chairman of the Netherlands Respiratory Society.

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