Hon. Dr. Saia Maú Piukala, Minister for Health, Kingdom of Tonga

C S Pramesh

Hon Dr Saia Maú Piukala is a Member of Parliament and is the Minister for Health of Kingdom of Tonga. He is also the former chair of the Parliament Standing Committee on Population and Development. Before becoming a politician in 2014, he was a General Surgeon and Medical Superintendent with the Ministry of Health and continues to practice surgery at the main referral hospital in Tonga. Hon Dr Piukala has a strong interest in population and development matters, particularly those related to health and youth. He has also a particular interest in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), the leading cause of death in Tonga. He was a member of the WHO Executive Board and one of the Commissioners for High Level Commission on NCD of the WHO. His other interests include Universal Health Coverage and emerging infectious diseases. He has led Tonga’s delegation and work related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Since the beginning of the year, Hon Dr Piukala has led the country’s response to the once in a 1000-year volcanic eruption, subsequent tsunamis, and first community cases and transmission of COVID-19.

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