Pradipta Ghosh, University of California San Diego, USA


Dr. Ghosh is a physician-scientist with dual training in internal medicine and basic/translational science. She leads a transdisciplinary portfolio of projects that span cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and enzymology, computation modeling and systems biology. There are two major areas of scientific interests and contributions, both unified by her passion to dissect and interrogate an eukaryotic cell’s signaling (communication) network. First, her group has systematically pursued in-depth the biological implications of the regulation of the intracellular heterotrimeric G-protein (trimeric-GTPase) system by a novel family of guanine-nucleotide exchange modulators (GEMs). Second, Dr. Ghosh is the Founding Director of the Institute for Network Medicine (iNetMed.ucsd.edu). In launching this institute, and the Centers within, Ghosh’s goal is to usher a new era of transdisciplinary and trans-scale network team science. Her contributions in this area include the use of network biology to create models for complex signaling and biological events that identify and rationalize high-value biomarkers and therapeutic targets, and in reverse-engineering human organoid-based disease models for use in Phase ‘0’ human drug trials.


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