Simón Barquera, President-Elect, World Obesity Federation, Mexico

 Simón Barquera

Simón Barquera, is an MD with a PhD from Tufts University in Boston USA. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and author of more than 364 scientific publications.

He has participated in the development of policies for its prevention and control, for which he has been recognised with the 18th Martinson Lectureship (University of Minnesota, 2018), the Soper award for excellence in health (Pan American Health Organization, 2003), the Tufts University Nutrition Impact Award (2016), and the “Dr. Gerardo Varela” Public Health Merit Award (Government of Mexico, 2020).

He currently serves as Director of the Center for Research in Nutrition and Health of the National Institute of Public Health

Currently he is president-elect of the World Obesity Federation.

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