The Lancet Summit: Big data and AI in pandemic preparedness

October 27-28, 2022 | Online and On-demand

The Lancet Summit: Big data and artificial intelligence in pandemic preparedness is supported jointly by The Lancet Digital HealtheBioMedicine, and The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific.

Managing COVID-19 and infectious disease is a global priority over the next few decades. Clinical and research communities are committed to reviewing the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a key part has been the unprecedented use and rapid scale of technology.

This conference will allow diverse stakeholders to discuss opportunities for new pandemic warning systems based on modelling approaches using AI; advances in real-world surveillance and tracking of disease spread; AI for drug screening and rapid diagnostics; and advances in remote treatment and telehealth.

The pandemic has forced healthcare providers and governments around the world to accelerate the development of AI tools and scale up their use in medicine, sometimes even before they are proven to work. This conference supports research that aims to better leverage AI to create equitable and accurate tools for pandemic response. This broad-reaching clinical conference interfaces cutting-edge AI technology with medical topics of human health interest.

The conference will appeal to researchers and clinicians specialising in infectious disease, as well as related specialties like mental health and cardiology. This meeting will be truly multidisciplinary attracting healthcare providers, policymakers as well as technical experts such as computational developers and engineers.

Conference topics:

  • AI in pandemic preparedness
  • AI in diagnostics
  • Wearables in diagnostics
  • Real-word surveillance
  • AI regulation and evaluation


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